W hen a dream of helping abused and neglected children became
reality, wonderful things were certain to happen!
Champions for Life Kids’ Camp continues to bring HOPE
and encouragement to children caught in the web of abuse.

Champions for Life Kids’ Camp began operations in the summer of 2003,
servicing 31 foster children, age 7-11, from Macomb and St. Clair Counties.
Each year, thanks to the continued support of its generous donors,
CFL Kids’ Camp has been able to expand its program to meet the
ever-increasing needs of the surrounding communities, adding Oakland County, as well.
This year an anticipated 130 foster children, and other children in dependency care,
will have the opportunity to attend one of the two, week-long resident summer camp programs. What makes this program so unique?

A team of 130 dedicated, trained, volunteer staff will participate in this
year’s camps. The ratio of one adult per two children, gives each child the
individualized attention he or she needs, as well as, the unconditional love and
encouragement each one longs for. A specialty staff consisting of a grandpa,
grandma, aunt, uncle and coach, are also on hand, lending
a listening ear and providing continuous encouragement to all the children
during their week at camp. Meals are served family-style, with the campers,
counselors and staff sitting down and eating together, reinforcing the
value and importance of each child.

Campers will have opportunity to participate in a host of self-esteem
building activities including, horseback riding, kayaking, archery, swimming,
technical tree climbing, wood shop and more. Special events include “Carnival Day,” “Everybody’s Birthday Party,” a visit to our professional “Beauty Shop
and “Photo Studio” and yearly favorite, the “Mud Walk.” Each child
returns home with an Award’s Booklet and Photo Album displaying their own
achievements for the week, along with a CD of the camp songs
and CD player. Within the safe and loving environment of
Champions for Life Kids’ Camp, lasting, positive memories are made,
creating “HOPE” for a better future.

How effective is this program? These are the words of one grandparent
who called our office after last year’s camp:

“Your program, in the course of just one week, has done more for my two grandchildren than a whole year of professional counseling.”

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Meet our Founders Pat & Terry (pictured above-left)
Meet our Co-Directors Beth & Brian (pictured above-right)

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